Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Conversation that Planned Parenthood Does Not Want to Happen

Recently, I was walking along in the city. I was approached by an individual trying to raise money for an organization called "Planned Parenthood." He said he wanted to have a discussion with me and he sure got one!

 I told him that I was opposed to the mission of Planned Parenthood because it promotes artificial contraception. Well, this really caught him off guard! I told him that, years ago, sometime in 1968, a man said that if artificial contraception is practiced it would lead to a rise in infidelity in marriages, it would lessen the respect that men would have toward women, and governments would coerce people into forced sterilizations. The Planned Parenthood man tried to counter these arguments but he did not do a good job.

I then explained to him that promoting the use of artificial contraception leads people to become less responsible with human sexuality and makes couples insensitive to each other.

At this point, the man's boss rushed up to us and said to this man, "We have to stop this conversation! You should NOT be having this conversation!" The man finally begged me to donate five dollars to their cause, but I did not. And that was the end of that!