Friday, January 29, 2010

First Blog

Praised be Jesus Christ!

Our Sovereign Pontiff, Pope Benedict XVI, has recently encouraged the priests of the Catholic Church to make use of the modern means of social communication to teach the Holy Gospel. In his Message for World Communications Day, the Pope states: "Using new communication technologies, priests can introduce people to the life of the Church and help our contemporaries to discover the face of Christ." The Pope reminds us that "all priests have as their primary duty the proclamation of Jesus Christ, the incarnate Word of God, and the communication of his saving grace in the sacraments."

This blog, then, is my attempt at fulfilling that part of my primary duty as a priest which is the proclamation of Jesus Christ, the incarnate Word of God.

Let us be quite honest: Without a living friendship with God, life loses its joy, its direction, and its meaning. If we do not live in obedience to His commandments, then we are left enslaved to human passions, our sins take over our lives, and we impose a man-made limit upon the horizon of our hope (cf Spe Salvi, 25).

The purpose of this blog is to help all of you to discover - or perhaps, rediscover - the face of Christ. He alone is our Hope and our Best Friend. As Saint Peter, the first Bishop of Rome, learned when He listened attentively to the preaching of the Lord Jesus, He "alone has the words of eternal life." (John 6:68)

Dear brothers and sisters, very soon the Liturgy of the Church will bring us into a profound consideration of the suffering, death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. Understand well that this Jesus of Nazareth is the true Son of the Father, the Son of the Virgin Mary. He is true God and true man. In His divinity He is one with God, in His humanity He is one with us. I assure you that if you turn to Him with all your heart, obeying His commandments and receiving His grace which He gives to us in the sacraments of the Catholic Church, you will not be dissapointed. In fact, you will discover that living as His disciple is the wisest way to live. Indeed, we can say, it is the only way to truly live.

God bless you.